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Soroptimist Pledge:

I pledge allegiance to Soroptimism and to the ideals for which it stands:

The Sincerity of Friendship
The Joy of Achievement
The Dignity of Service
The Integrity of Profession
The Love of Country

I will put forth my greatest effort to promote, uphold and defend these ideals, for a larger fellowship in home, in society, in business...For Country and for God.

Description of Emblem:

The emblem is a circular disc on which the figure of a woman appears as the central figure. She emerges as the "spirit of womanhood"...vital, steadfast and dauntless.

A plaque bearing the name "Soroptimist" is held in her upraised arms.

The leaves and acorns of the oak bend downward to the right from the word "Soroptimist" and are emblematic not only of the strength and growth of the organization, but of the progress and achievements that it will attain.

The leaves of the laurel are on the left of the word "Soroptimist". Laurel is renowned as the symbol of victory and typifies friendship and success, both of which are vital to club life.

The word "International" forms the lower portion of the emblem and signifies the worldwide institution that Soroptimist has become.

Our emblem is more than just a badge of identification; it is a symbol of the aims and ideals of Soroptimists everywhere.

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